Need a hand?

 We've put together a few short videos to help you navigate through the ordering process.

The 3 Key Elements of a Successful Order

 This quick 57 second video explain the 3 things that can trip up some customers.

1. Dragging your image from the gallery to the editing area

2. Zooming in / out and the "fit" editing tool

3. Where to redeem your voucher (including the impact of vouchers on our prices)

The Pixelpaint Editing Tools 

Another short video (61 seconds) that gives you a quick tour of the editing options.

How To Choose & Use Canvas Wrap Options 

This video (1m 39s) goes through how to select and add a wrap to your canvas.

Full End To End Order (Including Using a Voucher) 

This longer video (6m 47s) covers the whole process of ordering.